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It’s being pitched to the "Hostel" crowd and the art-house crowd . As an academic exercise in learned helplessness, the film flaunts the ultimate power to rewrite its own "rules" whenever it likes, including taking back anything that has already been shown. A movie with no restrictions holds no real suspense, and no surprises, so any revelation of plot details in, say, a review, is meaningless. But if you liked those pictures from Abu Ghraib, you’ll love "Funny Games"!

See the captors tighten a pillowcase over a young boy’s head, force Mom to strip by the TV, smash Dad’s leg with a golf club and play hide and seek with the body of the family dog they’ve just killed with the same driver! For the price of a ticket, you can choose the level and nature of your vicarious involvement with the sadism on the screen, and the masochism in your seat.

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In his actions, we see the familiar figure of a man eager to avoid conflict. To some extent, he continues in that vein even after Paul beats his leg in with a golf club. ThroughoutFunny Games,Georg remains curiously subdued. But we also sense that he perhaps thinks he may eventually be able to reason with these lunatics, or at least buy his family some time. Anna, though no match physically for the two men, is far more resistant.

First Peter asks to borrow eggs which he keeps breaking, supposedly by accident, also destroying the family’s phone with his apparent clumsiness. Eventually, a frustrated Anna demands that the men leave, asking Georg to eject them from the premises. Peter breaks Georg’s leg with the latter’s golf club while Paul reveals he has killed Rolfi, and the two men take the family hostage.

The Movie Review: ‘funny Games’

Not necessarily in a bad way; filmmaking is to a large degree an art of control. Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg can all, with some justice, be accused of sadism, a charge that hardly detracts from — indeed, that helps to explain — the way they provide entertainment. Paul and Peter, we understand, are not just perpetrators but spectators as well. Have they become the audience, or were they the audience all along? The final close-up, of Paul staring and smiling into the camera again as he prepares to attack his next victims, is no longer a confrontation. By contrast, the portrayal of the family is quite realistic. Anna’s reaction to the two invaders goes from politeness to suspicion quickly, but Georg, arriving late on the scene, initially fails to understand her alarm.

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She seems to understand, better than anybody else, that they cannot be dealt with rationally. By stringing us along in this way, Haneke reveals the unnerving lie that governs the spectacle. For it is not the victims’ side that we are on but the perpetrators’. But as much as we may imagine that we’re aligned with the victims,Funny Gamesdares to suggest that the opposite is true. Even as Paul asks us if we are on the family’s side, through the very act of addressing us—not to mention his cheerfully conversational manner—he makes us his secret sharers. What makes "Funny Games" different than any other campy-scary horror movie that gets off on tormenting its characters and teasing its audience?

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And if you really wanted to ace the challenge, you would just not see the movie. Shortly after the family settle in, Peter and Paul begin imposing themselves on the family’s courtesy.

So, of course, do countless other movies, though few of them can claim this one’s artistic pedigree or aesthetic prestige. Michael Haneke, an Austrian auteur who has worked for many years in France, has always been more interested in punishing his audience than in entertaining it. His scrupulously constructed, skillfully made films, many of which have won prizes at leading international festivals, are excruciatingly suspenseful and also, more often than not, clammy and repellent. It is customary to describe film directors who Racing Games keep a tight rein on their audience’s responses, who coldly and meticulously manipulate emotion, as sadists.


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